Self Talk 6.0

Don’t be so surprised that you are doing well,

queen of underestimating yourself.

Take a step back.

Your body knows how to handle this shift

better than your mind does.

Let it.

Let it.

Let it.

If it wants to sleep for 10 hours every night, let it.

Today you woke up at the exact right time to open the windows to a beautiful sky.

Let it all take you to where you need to be,

because you have no idea where you are.

What did you expect?

That this would be a smoothe wave that will land you softly in a new comfort zone?

Oh baby, it is a forest fire.

Let it, let it, let it all change.

Look for answers on a yoga mat,

not in thinking.

Yes, you can write.

But don’t try to sit and write for hours if it does not want to come.

Cry in poems if you have to.

Heal while dancing if you can.

Bare feet on the beach, breathe in.

Take baths, breathe out.

Let it.

And take your damn time.

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