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it is what it is + what you make it

It is what it is

and it is what you make it

all at the same time.


This has been hitting me time after time, the last few weeks. My life is different – a big bang that changes a lot. All at once. But also one that is showing me how things have been changing slowly in the last year, and that there is no familiar place to go back to. I am here and I am now. And that is it.

I am reading two books at the same time and all of the sudden they are talking about the same thing. Surrender and change. And how well they can go together when we find the courage to be there were acceptance and awareness meet.  The way the power outside and the power inside of us can go together.

Some things just happen, and we have to go with it. Resisting what is will get us nowhere, holding on to hurt or resentment, feeling sorry for ourselves is not going to cut it. It will only keep us stuck there where we are. It will keep us feeling sorry for ourselves and envious of others because they had better circumstances to get where we are. We compare, and cry.

There is a framework in place that we can feel a victim of, that we can use as an excuse to throw our hands up in the air. We will not change the world on our own like we thought we could when we were five years old, love does not always turn out the way you planned it, people die and get sick, people like Trump build walls. We tell ourselves stories of how things go. Like Africa is poor and white men are the lucky ones. Like after a breakup you are supposed to feel broken and sad.

But still there is another perspective of potential, responsability, creativity and meaning in how we fill int he blanks. In how we work with what we have.

And the moment we tap into that, magic happens. Start looking at things like that and everything becomes possible. Africa is full of treasures, Trump is waking people up and the white men are mostly on our side.

There is a way to look beyond what is stuck and when we stay in the now. This moment, without a big shadow of past and future. It allows us to take action that is inspired on truth, rather than on resentment or expectations. It is a place of clarity and freedom, a place where what is is allowed to be. It is our canvas. And then we dance, create, live.

See whe have been given a setting, and part of the story happens to us. But we unfold with it. And how well we play is up to us. Because we are born in a place, and some changes are out of our control. in a big way the scene is set. What is up to us, is how we consciously deal with what comes to our way: how awake we are, how we construct something real, how we make meaning, how we deal with the changes that come, how we see and feel and integrate what is around us

To do that, all we need is to be awake. To be here and now. And to play.

“Destiny does not mean that your life has been strictly predetermined. Therefore, to leave everything to fate and to not actively contribute to the music of the universe is a sign of sheer ignorance. The music of the universe is all-pervading and it is composed on…different levels. Your destiny is the level where you will play your tune. You might not change your instrument but how well you play is entirely in your hands.”

― Elif Shafak, The Forty Rules of Love

Surrendering in this way, accepting the challenges that we are in, allows us to deal with them. Stop fighting, it will not make you a passive person. It will make you awake enough to see life beyond your ego and allow you to work with it. Create with it, really live out your story with it.

Play. Flow with life. Let life flow through you. There is an energy here that we can either block or celebrate. Turn it from resisting and destructing to embracing and creating.

The only task is to use the energy/our instruement/our voice well, damn well. And to take all the tools we are given  and refine them. To work on our craft, to take action and to keep moving. To keep writing, to keep practising yoga and watching sunsets, to love again and again, to take a chance. To focus on where we can change and uplift things, where we can take the action. Do that. Step up where you can, and the rest will step up with you.

My life changed and I was expecting a crash. Instead I am seeing it for what it is, moving with it, creating momentum, things change and fall into place. I am surprised and lost but also okay. I know what to do when I stop resisting the change. I go after things, I focus on things I can grow and it comes back thenfold.

And I find these little postcards on the street,  I like who I am becoming. Yes.

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