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tarot as a game of guidance

Tarot is my new practise. My little baby in between the longer companions like yoga and writing and taking baths. Tarot is new in the pack, a tool that has so many layers and that is giving me that whole beginners mind again. I felt a need to order a deck of cards around Christmas. It was the gift I gave myself. I was in this vibe where everything felt like it was going to burst, nothing but change could happen. A day after the cards came in, everything did change. I needed to leave, turn things upside down. I knew it was coming, and somehow I got the cards and I surrendered; I let it happen.


The cards were supposed to be a play thing. They were pretty and that was enough. They looked cool and I like all things witchy so why would it not be fun. I just sort of did not expect them to become so meaningful. To be so guiding.

I am not the kind of girl who believes that you can pull a card and read your future. I don’t believe they are deterministic, that I have superpowers when I read them. I am the kind of girl that wants her life to overflow with spirituality and beauty and poetry, but in a grounded way.

But I do feel like there is a deep sense of guidance when I am interacting with these cards. Simply because guidance is always there when we are connected to who we are and to the vibes around us. The cards just offer a more practical and tangible tool to connect with it.

They are different archetypes to represent different elements and seeing them visually gives insights that you don’t get when you try to figure it all out yourself. It stops overthinking and overanalysing and gets me in a more associative mood, a more creative way of linking things together that are at work in my life. If I feel like crap and I pull an amazingly sweet card, I am asked to become aware of all that is still good, or of the part in me that is in control to make it good again. A card that feels off is an invitation to embody more of that element as it lacks. This way they offer an interesting new perspective on how to relate.

I feel tarot is a big balancing tool. A moment in the day to reflect and see what is going on without being judgemental. You literally surrender to what you need to see at that time. It is very different from my writing practise where I sit and write down what is in my head, when I do that I often start from what I already feel, it is partly a conversation between my ego and the part of me that knows better but one always writes from what seeds are already planted.

Pulling cards on something literally offers you a mirror, another set of links to start from. You are asked to humbly set your presumptions aside, look at it from a new angle and balance out what you think you know. Instead of staying in your head and starting from there, it takes you out of your head into the real world. Cards that you can touch. Colors you can see. They lie in relation to each other in space, above below. There are links there that allow other answers to come up. Nothing extraterrestrial or psychic. Simply more intuitive links and layers that unravel, get you out of your own perspective, inner critic and routine thought. It opens up new ways to think about, feel into and work with issues, projects, people and vibes in your life.

And if there is magic there, I will take it. There are cards that keep coming back. Always. There are cards that I never pulled in the 3 months that I have them. There is a card about destruction and changing foundations, that I pulled only once – in my first reading, when my whole life shifted the day after. Coincidence, guidance, no se. but I will choose to see the poetry in that. I will let the mystery be, welcome it gladly.

See I bought these cards kind of like a game, but I felt a need to buy them at exactly that timing. I started working with them, learning about the cards and started pulling more. I started hanging out with friends, drinking tea and making so many jokes as we interpret the cards, being so amazed by how it works, thinking about our lives and what the cards could be showing us and having such meaningful conversations that we would simply not have over a beer at the bar. I started pulling some cards in the morning, and it has become such a meaningful moment of opening up and grounding and checking in with how I feel.

I bought these cards kind of like a game. And I am so damn grateful I allowed myself to play. I bought these cards when everything was changing. And I am so damn grateful for the magic and insights and moments they are giving me.

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