yogi, magic seeker, lover of words, moongazer, lioness

I am a complicated girl trying to live a magnificent life in a simple way.
I am a yoga guide and holistic life coach.
I am a woman, magic seeker.
I am in love with sunshine, moonlight and ocean water.
Watermelon and raspberries are my favorite.
If I was a city I would be Havana.
Words and magic are everything in my world.
There is more than meets the eye, always.

So stick around, I am here to get to know. Here to guide you, help you bloom.

Growing up I had a level of idealism and intensity that were brought down by my surroundings. I was told to tune it down, to be tougher, to be more “realistic” because wanting to change the world like that was only going to hurt me in the end. They told me that surviving in this world needed something else than being naive and being open like that.
I reacted by going the opposite way and spent a few years in the darkness of depression and eating disorders. I gave up believing in beauty and sensuality and meaning and focused on numbers on a scale and shut myself off. I left no room for surprise or chance or wonder. If I did not care about anything that was not under control, nothing could hurt me and I won. Right?

Oh baby baby it’s a wild world
It’s hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh baby baby it’s a wild world
And I’ll always remember you like a child, girl.

´Cat Stevens

But something in me kept fighting and searching. I tried a yoga class, started studying anthropology and got in touch with so many layers of our human experience and how we live our lives, and with all the abundance in giving meaning to who we are and how we express it.
The darkness only had one color, and my curiosity was sparked by the other options out there.
I started a long journey of healing and experimenting – I set out to find another way.
One that would allow my vulnerability and emotions to reclaim their place, not as a liability but as an enrichment to my life.
I travelled the world, became a certified life coach and yoga teacher on the road and finally landed in Barcelona (for now) to continue to become more of who I am while holding space for you to do the same

I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.

Anaïs Nin