Do you want – crave – desire

  • to exist in the sweet spot of your life?
  • to match who you are with what you do and how you exist in the world?
  • to develop a crystal clear vision of your life? Do you want to make an action plan to flow in that direction?
  • to live at home in your body?
  • to move in the world, rooted in your center? Do you want to make decisions form a place of love and self-respect?
  • to invite in a deeper layer of depth, ritual and poetry into day to day?

A coaching relationship is you and I, co-creating. Our relationship is what we make it.

You have your desires, your goals, the seeds ready to bloom, the lioness ready to roar, wounds that keep you in your place, shame that feels to heavy, too many questions to find clarity.

I can meet you there with the tools to help you tap into all of that. With the guidance to keep you from getting overwhelmed by all that you unlock. I have the space to hold you. The patience to be a witness to your journey.

Together we create a personal roadmap to let your wild exist without overwhelming you. We move through blocks on your way, gather insights and tools to support you on your process and work through what is stuck.

Some of the tools I work with:

  • 1.1 coaching conversation
  • intuitive movement practices
  • reading and book recommendations
  • writing prompts
  • tarot archetypes and readings
  • integrating an embodied way of living
  • yoga philosophy


If you are interested to work together please send me a message at or through the contact form to plan a free discovery call.