Tarot is like seeing a visual story unfold, that is reflecting your life back at you in a whole new way.

When we are in our own heads, we think the same story over and over again until we get so used to it that it is hard to remember it is just one perspective.

Tarot gives you a new story line. One you can use to propell you forward, give you new insights on where to take action and where to surrender.

If you are stuck, if you have a particular dynamic in your life you want to work on or where your mind is stuck and you need to open up: give it to the cards.

I commit to translating what the cads say in very human language and hold space for a deeper conversation on how to make it workable in your life.

To book your reading, please get in touch through ansofie.mattelaer@gmail.com or through the contact form to get your magic.